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Scorpio Yearly Predictions. You will be loved by your seniors at your workplace and co-workers will support you and offer good advice. You may change your job during the initial months, get a promotion or a hike in your current salary. The year is going to be good for your economic perspective.

Your income would be stable throughout the year. There will not be any significant fluctuation in your income. During the months from April to July, your earnings will be good. However, you may feel that luck doesn't favour you much. You will successfully cope up with shortcomings in your career if any. Your enemies will not dare to mess with you.

In the month of September, you may earn from foreign sources. In the months of November-December, work hard or there would be work pressure that you will later regret. Manage your time as well as stress intelligibly. If you have your own business, the month of February will prove to be beneficial for you. Leos who wish to start a new business venture may go ahead during this time. There is a high probability of getting success, stability, knowledge and wealth.

Overall, this year looks good for you.

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According to Leo astrology predictions, students of Leo sign will get good results throughout the year. Saturn would enter in Capricorn on January 24 in your 6th house, the house of competition. This planetary combination will provide you with good results in competitive exams. Your long awaited wish to succeed may get fulfilled this year.

In the month of February, you may hear some good news related to achievements or goals of your life. During March-June, you need to work harder as your luck may not favour you much. However, you may get desired results during this period due to a strong 6th house in your horoscope. If you are engaged in electronic or hardware field, you might have a significant achievement. The latter half of the year witnesses benefits from education. If you are planning to go abroad for further studies, the middle of the year will be suitable for such an initiative.

High possibility of getting employed make the year good as far as education and career are concerned. This year, your family life may not go well. In the initial months of the year, you may purchase land or property for your family. The lord of your fourth house Mars will remain in its own sign and house providing good results. However, it may cause some ups and downs if you are involved in real estate business. During March-June, you may face some legal issues or arguments within your family.

You need to take great care during this period. In the months of July and Aug, your family expenses may rise or you may receive some monetary gains from foreign sources. During September-October, you may plan to go on long-distance travel with your family or a pilgrimage. There appears to be a possibility of the occurrence of any religious ceremony within your family during this time. Due to the positioning of Rahu, there will be several gains. However, Ketu will drive you towards some dissatisfaction with respect to family matters.

It may isolate you from your family. You may live away from your home or would love isolation. The months of November-December also may not be very good as far as your own happiness is concerned. The year looks moderate for you for family matters.

Your Horoscope This Week

There appear to be numerous opportunities for you and your spouse this year to spend romantic time together. Jupiter will remain posited in your 5th house for most of the time this year. This combination is supposed to beget love and passion. Jupiter, however, is sitting with Ketu giving rise to some problems related to children or your love life. Pregnant women need to be very cautious, especially during the initial months, as your fifth house is afflicted by malefic planets. Your career will be improved a lot, bringing you considerable wealth.

Luck Prediction by Month 12222

Some crisis and problems may occur in your love and relationship. Career In , Snake people born in can expect very a good fortune for making money and get much more wealth than in previous years. Not only will you make money this year but also you will also earn a considerable pension.

If you feel insecure for making a lot of money overnight, you can take part in more public welfare activities and help those in need or take your family to travel and see the world outside. This year, the cause of Snake people will rise to a new level. Most of you will be promoted to a level you have never attained before and own a desired career.

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But after that, you should remain true to your original aspiration and maintain the passion for work, so that your boss will be very happy to promote you. Love and relationship will not go so well for Snake people of and you can have problems in love. You may have a rift with your partner because of external factors, such as children's issue, and failing to handle properly can even lead to a breakup beyond redemption.

To deal with emotional problems rationally and reasonably, you should show more patience and tolerance, apologize in time if you did something awful and remember to give your partner an out and be broad-minded for the awful things you partner did. Family is a haven in everyone's heart. Failure to deal with family problems properly can be a vexed issue affecting both health and career. This year, you should pay special attention to your health and see a doctor in time when you are not feeling well. Do not delay, or the consequence can be very serious. What's Your Lucky Number?

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leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020 Leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020
leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020 Leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020
leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020 Leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020
leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020 Leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020
leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020 Leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020
leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020 Leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020
leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020 Leo weekly horoscope for january 5 2020

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