Sagittarius 3 card tarot

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I co-create with others, dedicated to a vision of achieving the highest good of all. I stick to my program, trusting that the plan is unfolding before me exactly as Spirit intended.

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I am ready with a big smile, and I have on my dancing shoes. Yes, a bit more dancing, time out, playing with ideas, envisioning, vision boards and feeling the lightness of this time will help with balance and transition. But the process is important too.

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Just working through it all with a sense of trust has a power all of its own in moving through this time. So are your thoughts also around finding your true heart path at this time? The narrative in this reading is in line with the focus of the Sagittarius Full Moon — that we need to be patient and go within to find our heart path.

We need to make the connections, be the flame, do the work and in this, the vision unfolds. This will make space for the new. Prompts for honing on on your path and connections that might lead to it:.

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Journal, brainstorm or create a visual map around these questions to unfold your heart path further at this time:. And here is some final wisdom from David Whyte and his beautiful book about finding soul and heart path in our work:. The river down which we raft is made up of the same substance as the great sea of our destination.

May your passions be the light that guides you. May you be the flame and not the moth, making magical connections and partnerships as you find your heart path.

Sagittarius, June 3,16,2019 Tarot Card Reading Beautiful New Beginning Coming!!!

Full Moon image from pexels. If you follow me on Instagram , you will know that I have been writing up my daily tarot and oracle readings as tarot narratives, discovering the deeper story in each reading and in each day. Intuition is a muscle and flexing intuitive practice helps you make deeper connections of all kinds.

Sagittarius Tarot Card 12222

Your thoughts? I welcome your thoughts on my tarot narrative work on a daily basis and for the Full Moon via comments, Facebook or Instagram links below — is it helpful? There are regular posts on tarot, intuition, influence, passion, creativity, productivity, writing, voice, introversion and personality including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI. This includes MBTI developments, coaching, creativity and other connections to help express your unique voice in the world.

My free ebook on the books that have shaped my story is coming soon for subscribers only — so sign up to be the first to receive it!

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May you always be happy and healthy and peaceful Maanya mam Thank you so much for everything…. It helps a lot in terms of planning ahead. Thanks a lot. Hi Maanya, aka Lady of Tarot! Aryaman is now 4 months old.


Whenever I look at my bundle of joy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and guidance. I approached you with so many fears n doubts in my head. Talking to you not only calmed me down, but also made me feel confident dt everything will be fine. Thanks for creating so much positivity around me, for all your simple remedies dt helped me to stay confident, positive, n happy during the toughest time. A big n heartfelt thanks to you from me n my family for being a tremendous support n a wonderful friend. Beracah Exquisite hand-crafted jewellery that beckons blessings.

Blog Reveries on Tarot, Spirituality and living a Magical life.

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Introduction to Tarot Tarot cards, also known as Tarocchi cards, are a secret language and a secret scripture, a book and an alphabet, a method of highly accurate predictions and a path to higher spirituality. Weekly Tarot Predictions. Aries March 21 to April Libra Sep 24 to Oct Taurus April 21 to May Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov Gemini May 22 to June Do you need in-depth advice?

Talk to Psychic. Mobile Apps. Email Horoscopes Email address. October 9, Five of Pentacles Things are starting to look up in your finances. Ways to gain new money and build on capital are possible.

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It is possible to rebuild or repair a relationship that had been lost. Time of strain is over and new hope is born. Possibility a regaining of health.

sagittarius 3 card tarot Sagittarius 3 card tarot
sagittarius 3 card tarot Sagittarius 3 card tarot
sagittarius 3 card tarot Sagittarius 3 card tarot
sagittarius 3 card tarot Sagittarius 3 card tarot
sagittarius 3 card tarot Sagittarius 3 card tarot

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