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But making money this way can be tough: while astrology is very much a part of the Hindu belief system, the general tendency is to go to astrologers with an established place of practice and reliable references. With every josiyakkari charging up to Rs. My husband is a real estate agent and he is doing well in his career.

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I asked Mageshwari what most of the people who sought her predictions wanted to know. She approached a young distraught-looking couple, sitting under the shadow of the boats dragged up on the beach. While the young man agreed to let her read his palm, his girlfriend looked skeptical. Mageshwari sat on the sand facing them, adjusted her navy-blue sari, and held the 30 cm-long wand in her right hand. Silver bands on the wand glinted in the light from a nearby lamp post. Invoking multiple goddesses in a sing-song voice, she began her predictions.

Your mountain-like problems will melt like snow. A lump formed in his throat and tears welled up in his eyes, and he confided that he and his girlfriend were having trouble getting their parents to agree to their marriage. He is a Christian and his girlfriend is Muslim. But you will solve this. The woman, who had so far been reluctant to get her palm read, began to look eager as Mageshwari coaxed her to agree.

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She predicted more happy outcomes for their future, including that the woman would have three children, two boys and a girl. When she finished, the couple looked less upset with their situation. After a couple of hours of combing the beach for customers with Mageshwari, I bumped into Lakshmi again.

Amidst our greetings and goodbyes her mobile phone suddenly rang.

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Her face turned grave listening to the call. Welcome to Sundar Astro. Horoscope Casting. Read More. Muhurta Timings. Marriage Astrology. Career Growth. When life showers opportunities, you need to be mentally and physically healthy to grab them with both hands. But there are times when things are not favourable. When everything looks out of hands, a simple health prediction based on your horoscope can make all the difference. Leading life happily sitting on top of all the riches in this world seems impossible if there are complex issues surrounding your family and children.

When the modern approaches to life and changing lifestyles pose a big threat to the mental and physical wellbeing of your family and children, it pays to go back to age-old systems and beliefs. Vedic astrology has always been a pillar of support for people with personal and family issues. Even a planet that does favourable things to you in the early part of your life may have some evil effects at a later stage. Thankfully, there are astrological remedies that can reduce the harm that is in store and provide the much-needed peace of mind and happiness.

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From propitiating planets to doing yantra pujas and wearing powerful gemstones and rudrakshas, I can suggest several astrological remedies reading into your horoscope. Count on my astrological horoscope reading experience to put you on the right track so you can get back to enjoying the lovely journey called LIFE. People who are booking an appointment with us are kindly requested to adhere to the instructions given below:. The booking time for the appointment is only from The appointments will be given in the coming week or the week after To make it more clear, the minimum time of the appointment date is 1 week and the maximum is 2 weeks.

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It is to be noted that only on this basis appointments will be given. Visiting Time Tuesday Holiday Closed. Customer's Reviews on Google. Really great human being. Easily sir identified the problems and given the solution. Thank you so much sir. So fortunate to Meet him today and his predictions on my past were so perfect Thank you so much Anna.

I am so blessed to meet you Dharan Bharani 31 Jul After visiting this place my mother and I felt very positive. I would say Sundar Sir - the best astrologer in Chennai. Please approach him if you are planning to buy gem stones for your well being. Akila Sivam 13 Jun S Sundar Narayanan is the Best Astrologer, we have ever seen so far. He tells everything both positive and non-positive points about a particular horoscope with the necessary Parikarams to be done to come out of the worst situation. We personally experienced with him and we, our entire family are so happy now under his guidance and wishes and with the blessings of God.

Trending world 10 Jun Astrologer is really calm. When we were there some Mantra was been played which I feel makes the situation calm and creates a positive vibe. He has adviced temple visits and mantras as pariharam for my bad time. The contact number in Google will be answered by a lady and you can get an appointment before a week or two. He will not demand a specified amount per horoscope we paid 2k for 3 Horoscopes , you can also give your Date , Time and Place of Birth he will take a print out of our horoscope so you don't have to carry it when you go there.

Senthil Venkatrajan 07 Jun Excellent soul whom I have never seen in life. Felt the positive vibrance and really had the comfort feel. His guidance and approach are extremely ultimate. Thanks a lot uncle, I really felt energized and rejuvenated. His guidance and approach is ultimate. Hi, I am Aishwarya from Chennai. I got an opportunity to meet Sundar Narayanan Sir recently.

He is an extremely helpful, knowledgeable and kind person. He guides us to solve the root cause of problem and suggests very simple and easy Pariharams. He is not at all money minded and is very friendly and approachable.

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I thank God for giving us an opportunity to take his guidance and showing us the way forward. Godwillguide 28 Mar His vibe etc is positive but he was quite busy and pre-occupied when my mother had visited him.


He closed the session with my mother in a matter of 10 minutes or so and to that extent even the reading was done at a high level. Of course he also did not take much money. Even getting appointment from his assistant was not easy. Sukanya Kannappan 12 Mar Sir provide me appointment for me as I cant afford to pay consulting charges. I want to meet u. As I can see many positive reviews for ur consultation morever u r not money minded. Pls provide appointment for me.

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I hope I ll get appointment. After seeing my review I ll get reply.

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Listens and explains patiently to all doubts and queries. What also impressed me was his punctuality. Was 10 minutes ahead in his office. Started his consultation on time after finishing his morning puja. Also asked us to get back to him if we needed further clarifications unlike several others who demand payment for every question. The office is small and neat with positive vibrations and without unnecessary trappings other astrologers use to impress clients.

Dinakaran Rengachary 03 Mar The best astrologer and he has the best personality. He makes you feel comfortable like you are talking to your friend and he gives the best solutions.

He doesn't mix words and gives the advice straight. Not money minded. I highly recommend everyone in need to meet this person at least once to experience the positivity. Prabhakaran Km 13 Feb With all due respect, I had worst experience interacting with Mr. S Sundar. During our India visit few months back I and one of my Indian friend wanted to consult few things with Mr. We called him on the mentioned contact number and one of his aide made us to speak over the call with Mr.

Embassy Residency ,No. View More. Tell almost everything about my future and give easily remedies. Thansks 0. I have taken consultation many astrologers before but found them best astrologer in all of them. Totally quality consulting with very reasonable fees and after getting relief i made a review for all peoples who is looking for quality consultation.

The best part of him is willingness to genuinely help someone who approaches him. He is very soft spoken and kind in nature. I would recommend anyone who believes in astrology to visit him once for the consultation. I am glad to met him. Thanks for your guidance and support Nikhil Jaiswal reviewed Sri Veda Vyas Maharishi Vedic Astrology Research Center in Mylapore 9 th Oct, excellent, bold and correct predictions and also explanation on astrology makes anybody to turn to his side Devi Bhuvanesh 3 years ago.

A human face can be read like a map. Learning to read this map is a lot like learning a new language.

face reading astrology in tamil Face reading astrology in tamil
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face reading astrology in tamil Face reading astrology in tamil
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