Low sex drive in astrology

Your Zodiac Sign's Sexual Profile

Eating and drinking soy definitely has health perks. But the bean also contains plant estrogen, which can mess with your sex drive. If you're not allergic to dairy, and just love the taste of soy milk, mix it up with regular milk lattes to balance it all out.

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Fried Foods. French fries, chips, and chicken fingers often contain trans fats, which screw with your blood sugar and make you feel lethargic. And when you don't have energy, it's harder to get in the mood for a horizontal workout. Ice Cream and Cheese. Too much dairy can make you feel sluggish—and enhance the crappy side effects of your period namely, cramps and bloating.

Try to limit yourself to three servings a week.

Your Horoscope: How To Know If A Man (Or Woman) Will Sexually Turn You On

You should see results pretty quickly. You know us—we're all for hitting happy hour. But doing it too much can suppress your libido. If you find your sex drive isn't as high as normal, cut back a little. Try taking a few days off from drinking, or alternating drinks with glasses of water when you're out to make sure you stay hydrated.

Hamburgers and Hotdogs. Sure, these summer staples are delish, but lower-grade meats which normally end up in hamburgers and hot dogs tend to be high in chemicals that can create a hormonal imbalance in your bod.

1. Sagittarius

Take a pass on the processed stuff and opt for organic, free-range lean meats instead. Their sex drives are very atypical, and frequently fluctuate typical air signs. Geminis could go weeks or even months without sex simply because they're focused on other things or goals. That being said, when they focus on something, they really throw themselves into it.

So, if a Gemini has found a partner they work well with, they could easily want to sleep with said person every day. Cancers, by nature, are very loving and caring people. This also means that they can be very giving physically. Cancers could be DTF any time and any day when they have the right person, and even interested in multiple rounds. These folks are effortlessly beautiful, and are fire signs to their core. Much like their gorgeous looks, they also have very determined spirits.

Boost your libido with these nutrients and supplements.

If they're in the mood to have sex, they will definitely find a way for it to happen. However, sometimes they can be preoccupied with other goals and responsibilities. They will probably make sure to have weekly sex as long as it doesn't get in the way of their ambition. Virgos are unsung heroes in the bedroom. This is because not only are they consistent with rules, planning and the specifics of life, they also love to prove themselves and their skills.

Virgos like sex and they're good at it — like they are at most things. And much like other earth signs, they like showing off how good they are at said things. Virgos work with the partners present in their life, so if their partner is down to clown every day — so are they.

15 Aphrodisiacs for Better Sex | Goop

However, if they can have sex twice a week, you know they will give it everything they've got. Libras are the most flamboyant babes of the zodiac. Not only are they magnetic and artistic, when they want something they don't hide it. In this vein, Libras love to be appreciated, and they're no stranger to pleasure. They likely masturbate quite often and, if they deem a person appreciative of all they have to offer, will likely invite them into their bed a few times a week.

The stereotypes are true: Scorpios are mad sexual. Given the option and an equally matched sexual partner, Scorpios would likely never leave their bedroom, and they probably don't on weekends. During the week Scorpios likely, grudgingly, commit themselves to other priorities out of necessity.

But in all likelihood, it's fine to assume that they're interested in sex around the clock. Sagittarians can be wayward individuals.


Surprising Foods That Affect Your Sex Drive

Full of thoughts, independent spirit, and a need to pave the way for themselves — sex isn't a necessity in their daily lives. That being said, when they find someone they are compatible with intellectually, spiritually, and sexually — they will not forgo the chance to have amazing sex. They're an extremely all-or-nothing sign, and whoever is lucky enough to be their partner would tend to agree.

Capricorns, a classic earth sign, are very rigid about schedules and rules, and aware of what they should or shouldn't be doing. As a result, things can be challenging for them when it comes to sex because it's often hard for them to be both flexible and meet their high expectations of themselves. Capricorns are interested in sex, and definitely have wants and needs, but getting themselves to loosen up and let people in can be difficult. As a result, they likely schedule frequent masturbation and, when they have a good partner, are likely to plan their sex lives in great detail.

Aquarians are challenging to understand at times. As air signs, they often feel a distance from others, and the way to overcome that distance can be a challenge. As a result, it can be hard for Aquarians to have relationships that are in sync romantically, emotionally, physically, and sexually. Aquarians may not have sex super often, but not for lack of wanting.

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It just takes a concerted effort for them to really feel connected. This could take weeks or months. However when they really feel in tune with someone even a FWB , all bets are off, and the sex is bound to be great.

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