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Vedic Astrology Foundation provides marriage compatibility analysis and recommendation based on compatibility of birth stars, Kuja Dosha, Papasamya and Dasa Sandhi.

According to Indian Astrology, the position of the moon at birth time determines the Zodiac Sign Rasi of a person. The compatibility in these qualities is essential between the husband and wife for ensuring a long life and prosperity for their married life. This obviously points to the significance of Rasi Porutham. It acts as the remedy for the absence of other compatibilities like Gana Porutham. The compatibility of the Lords of the Birth Rasis of the bride and the bridegroom determines this Porutham. Rasyadhipathi Porutham signifies the capabilities, long life and luck of the children born to the couple.

In those cases where rasyadhipathis may not be compatible, compatibilities like Samasapthama in the horoscope and Mahendra porutham rectify the defect. This Porutham helps to enhance the love and affection between the couple. Vasya Porutham gains more prominence in the absense of other poruthams like Rasi Porutham and Gana Porutham.

This Porutham determines and provides the man the power to protect his wife and children born in her, in moral, physical and financial aspects. If you use this method, it is recommended to use the South Indian format which I use in this course because in this format the signs in different charts are in the same place.

You can see which houses of A are activated by partner B. For example if I have a partner who has a lot of planets that activate my eighth house it is very well possible that I experience her as confrontational. If she activates my ninth house she may broaden my horizon and I may feel great because of her, especially if my ninth house is being activated by her benefics "Yes, I love to go to India with you".

If it is being activated by her malefics it could be that she somehow limits or frustrates the way I would like to broaden my horizon "Oh no, you are again planning a trip to India? What I would like to suggest now is not so much as to use the Tajika method for analyzing a birthchart but to make a comptability analysis using the Tajika method. The principle is easy.

Just look what kind of aspects the planets of A make with the planets of B. Let us say the Sun of A makes a trine to the Jupiter of B. A the Sun person will feel stimulated by B the Jupiter person. He will note the stimulating Jupiterian energy of B.

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B the Jupiter person will feel energized or empowered by A the Sun person. If it is a square instead of a trine the stimulation may be a bit too much. If you make an analysis like that, you will encounter many aspects, some of them seem to be contradictory, but this merely reflects the nature of reality that sometimes is complex.

For example: It is also possible that in addition to the aspect I mentioned before the Moon of A makes a square to the Saturn of B. A the Moon person will feel restricted by B the Saturn person. That is not a bad experience. For example: If we analyse the relationship between the Sun and Jupiter between charts we look for the maximum orb of the Sun which is 15 and the maximum orb of Jupiter which is 9. To avoid an overload this maximum orb is divided by two.

The outcome will be a maximum orb of 6 degrees. What makes this analysis complicated is that for every planetary combination you have to calculate a maximum orb. This may very well be the reason that in contemporary Western astrology the maximum orbs are the same for certain kind of aspects all squares have the same maximum orb, all sextiles have the same maximum orb and so on. If you want to keep it simple, I would like to suggest a maximum orb for all aspect of 5 degrees.

Of course, calculating the maximum orb for each planetary combination is better. If you have the courage and time to do that, please feel free to do so. Personally, I only look at conjunctions with Rahu and Ketu and not at aspects. However, you may well have another opinion about this.

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It is also possible to do a more sophisticated analysis in which not only the Nakshatras in which the Moon is are compared, but also the Nakshatras of the ascendant and Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The Kutas analysis consists of 12 factors. Every factor can give some points. After the analysis is made all the points are added up. To have a good relationship a minimum of points is required. If the total points are below that minimum than it is possible that the astrologer will advise against the marriage.

Bad results: Moon in the chart of the man is in the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 th from the Moon in the chart of woman. Good results: Moon in Chart of the man is in the 12 gives longevity , 7 th gives agreement from the Moon in the chart of woman. Good results: Moon in chart of the woman is in the 2 gives longevity , 3 gives happiness , 4 gives wealth , 5 gives happiness , 6 progeny will prosper , 7 th gives agreement from the Moon in the chart of the man.

You are drawn to situations, people, or subjects that project a mysterious quality and you are always up for the challenge of figuring them out. When you do come to a conclusion, you are able to clearly express what you have learned. You use your logical, analytical mind and intuitive ability to assess everything that you come across. Mentally you strive to transform and transcend whatever you find.

Other people easily recognise your confident dedication to the things you do. If you are interested in a topic, you are able to focus yourself completely in order to absorb any and all information pertaining to it. Highly observant, nothing gets passed you and you are amazingly accurate in your evaluations of the circumstances you find yourself in and the people you come across. You commit to things that you are unable to see through to the end. Many of the tales you tell are amped up so as to create a larger impact.

You are unlikely to believe in religion due to not being able to wrap your head around the matter. You prefer working on a grand scale and leaving the details to someone else. There is an almost obsessive habit of going back again and again to make sure you did something like close the window or put the phone on the charger. You have a tendency towards over-doing things in general as you instinctively feel that if something is good, adding more of it will only make it even greater.

You can be close-minded about views that differ from your own. You often ignore the fine print in favour of the big picture and many times this can cause trouble for you in the future. It would do you well to try to keep your visions grounded, as you are likely to overemphasise and misjudge a promising new concept. You do not mean to cause any harm, you simply get over-excited and this can create problems for you. There are so many new concepts, visions, and dreams spinning around in your mind and you find it a challenge to pick one and go with it.

In addition, you may find yourself completely engrossed in a foolish endeavour. Mentally you are strongly interested in topics related to abstract theories and spiritual or philosophical matters. Despite some of the above, you are often successful in business as you seem to have a natural knack for it. Your abundance of fresh concepts and ability to take risk aids you in these ventures. Travelling is particularly appealing to you and you enjoy being introduced to fresh information and new forms of understanding. You may try your hand as an educator due to your appreciate for knowledge and your enthusiasm for conveying what you have learned to others.

However, it is important that you develop enough self-restraint to sort through your troubles thoroughly before making a move as you have a habit of impatiently hurrying your work with less-than-perfect results as a consequence; this can even be seen in your often illegible writing style. At times your ideas are too far-fetched and unrealistic to be put into practice. Although, this attitude of yours does keep you from being judgemental of other people. Even with a mind as unique as your own, you have trouble with remembering things sometimes and can be a bit of a space-cadet.

There is possibility of being gifted in the written or spoken word. You need to be particularly mindful of becoming so enthralled by a situation that you are unable to think clearly and accurately; make sure your assumptions are correct before you act on them. You are talented in pulling something from one area and successfully connecting it to another area that was seemingly unrelated.

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Be careful who you trust as there are those that would take your kindness for granted and use you for all that you are worth. In addition, taking some time to think before you speak will help you overcome a tendency towards rambling on and over-explaining when something could be said more simply and cohesively. You insist on knowing the secrets of others though you will tend to keep your deepest emotions, wants, and intentions to yourself. Working out of the limelight suits you as you prefer to work alone, without anyone meddling in your business.

You have a tendency towards envious, possessive behaviour that can become obsessive and you may treat others as objects to be controlled; you like things to go YOUR way. You crave to be acknowledged for your skills and wish to be respected as an expert in your field. You admire powerful leaders who exude a charismatic and magnetic presence and you try to emanate their persona. It is important for you to learn to allow others to guide you as you can be stubborn, insisting that you do everything your way, however this only stifles your development.

Fate tries to force you to learn these lessons by putting people in your life that will reflect your damaging behaviours towards you. The more you insist on sticking to your old ways, the more intense these lessons will become. You are extremely confident, believing that you are never wrong. Others feel intimidated by you and may attack you before you can do them any damage. You have an obsession with death and the unknown. You enjoy creating though are never happy with the things you create, always reconstructing them or throwing them out entirely. Manipulation comes easily to you and you are quite skilled at asserting your control over others in a way where they are none the wiser.

You truly believe in yourself and your talents, feeling certain that you can handle whatever challenges you encounter in life. You know you have the ability to overcome whatever trouble lies ahead and will even conquer your own inner demons if need be. Inside, you are a force to be reckoned with and are exceptionally strong, persevering, and resourceful. Those who skirt their responsibilities, do not stand up for themselves, or evade their troubles will never gain your respect and you think very little of them.

Highly intuitive, you are perceptive in discovering the truth about the situation at hand. Try to be lenient with others, as not everyone can be as strong-willed as you. Allow people to do as they may, rather than trying to control their lives. Transform your own negative qualities before trying to change others. Do not abuse the power that you have or karma will see you pay for it in the end. Keep in mind that you get back what you put in. Loyalty is very important to you. You prefer to be secure and are usually confident in your abilities; insecure feelings do not seem to be an issue for you at all.

However, you can hold back a bit when expressing your love for another because you wish to be certain that the person is trustworthy. You are modest, and while you enjoy beautiful and lavish surroundings, you do not require them for your happiness. Who someone is on the inside is more valuable to you than what they look like. You want a deep, meaningful relationship and shallow partnerships hold no interest for you.

Innately, you comprehend that true love takes time to unfold and becomes stronger the longer you are involved with someone. Friendship is taken seriously as well and you are a loyal, steady friend. One of your best traits is that you are emotionally stable. You are naturally responsible with those you care for and can be very dutiful to them. Self-restraint is not a problem for you and no one would ever consider you a wild child by any means.

However, people value the amazing abilities you bring to the table. Inside of you is a very strong individual capable of persevering through even the toughest of challenges. They behave as actors in a production. What is happening on stage? The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow? The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves. Cancers do not enjoy approaching situations in a straight line, but rather prefer moving indirectly learn about compatibility with Cancer here.

They feel more comfortable when they can come towards something from a hidden angle and may take their time expressing themselves. However, their emotionality is anything but slow and steady. They are prone to dramatically intense emotional reactions as their mood seems to blow with the wind. The people closest to them are likely to feel confused by the speed at which they change from cheerful to melancholic to angry. Typically a Cancer is diligent, friendly, empathetic, determined, protecting, and frugal, as well as quarrelsome, emotionally delicate, moody, instinctive, possibly even psychic, with a tendency to sacrifice themselves for others.

A Cancer will tend to react emotionally rather than mentally. They need to be in harmonious environments as they will easily soak up the energies of those around them. Due to their sensitive emotional natures, it is likely that they consistently try to elicit responses of kindness, caring, and empathy from others; they crave regular emotional reassurance. They can be a bit of a homebody as the home, and those in it, are a sanctuary for them. Their ties to those closest to them are so important that they often become co-dependent on their loved ones, needing to spend as much time with them as possible and the loved ones may begin to feel suffocated, requiring their own space.

Cancers are naturally inconsistent in their emotions and therefore can easily alter their views, thoughts, decisions, and the like. However, they have less energy than the average person and will tend towards doing things a bit more slowly in general. Exercise is usually something they must force themselves to do as they do not usually enjoy it for its own merit. Unfortunately, this adds to a problem with weight gain as they age. A Cancer may increase their physical activity by utilising their strong emotional nature; channelling their intensity correctly can indeed create much needed get up and go for these personalities.

Cancers remember a great deal more than most and this tied with their emotional sentimentality causes them to often sit around daydreaming about the past and what once was. However, this also manifests as hording and clinging to their belongings, unable to throw anything out as if this would somehow mean they are throwing away a piece of their past.

Mahendra Meaning, Pronunciation and Origin

Family is extremely important to a Cancer and they will work very hard to provide comfort and security for those they love. They may travel at times but will always return to their home base and those closest to them. Home is home, and they will not go too long without checking in. Traditional and often conventional, though they find themselves over-thinking and focusing too much on possible difficulties in the future.

Often they deal with these worries internally and may develop problems with the lining of their stomach from the stress. They instinctively feel that they are always one step away from danger and may be extra cautious because of it, paying attention to the situation around them in a suspicious manner. It would be most beneficial for them to develop a way to curb their emotional reactions. Emotionally delicate, careful, and possibly reserved about opening up to others. You find it difficult to convey the way you feel to others, even those that you may have strong feelings for.

On the outside, you prefer to show your cerebral side. Being the recipient of grand gestures of affection is also uncomfortable for you as you either feel unworthy or as if the person is not being genuine. Due to your discomfort with displays of warmth and affection, others will tend to view you as more cold and reserved than you may feel inside. It is also possible that your high standards push people away and it would be beneficial to you to develop tolerance and appreciation towards others even if they are not infallible; try to be lenient with your own mistakes as well.

Your insistence that things be always perfect may be the cause of much unhappiness for you. You are often diligent, dependable, cautious, intuitive, realistic, and sensible; this is especially true in regards to your feelings. Practicality, precision, and intelligence are likely to play a large role in your life. You have a gift of being able to size up a situation and quickly determine the most effective way to get the job done. This ability allows you to do well in a caretaking or administrator role. Be mindful not to become too exacting and demanding over the little things. You enjoy aiding people, though you are often unable to comprehend their deeper emotional needs.

It is important for you to learn to be more accepting as this will allow you to better assist others. Your mind is very flexible, lively, dynamic, alert, inquisitive, and multi-talented. You absorb information from anything you come across, especially by way of written or spoken communication or through experiencing new cultures, exploring distant lands, or meeting new people.

Unfortunately, you are likely to suffer from great internal tension and anxiousness that must be expended; establishing an exercise routine will help you to counter this energy. You are quick-witted and effortlessly respond with clever retort or humorous jest. You prefer doing more than one thing at a time and may try to swallow more than you can chew. Boredom can be a problem for you as you are able to comprehend even complex matters at lightning speed; once you have understood something, it is difficult to hold your attention further.

A jack-of-all-trades, you possess titbits of information on a variety of different subjects, yet cannot hold your focus long enough to master any of them. You enjoy working with your hands and may not have a dominant hand preference; perhaps try playing the drums, you may find it comes easily to you. Engaging in verbal competitions of all sorts interests you. You need to watch out for a tendency towards being trivial, shallow, and insincere with others. In order to achieve success, you must learn to steady your mind and discipline your actions. Make sure to stick through with the endeavours you begin.

Careers that deal with communication, articulation, persuasion, or the written or spoken word would be well suited for you, as would working in a field where you are able to change your scenery on a regular basis, perhaps traveling. Without constant variety, you are likely to quickly grow bored of the situation and therefore have a tendency to switching careers or living quarters regularly. Try to develop tolerance for those that are unable to comprehend intricate matters as easily as you do.

In romantic affairs you are giving, loving, demonstrative, trustworthy, passionate, and adventurous. You despise petty behaviour in your romantic interest. What you search for is the knight in shining armour, or the noble lady whom you can admire and cherish, a person that you can look up to and respect, someone to be lost in. It is important to you that attention be lavished upon you and that you are well cared for and valued. Someone charming who knows how to sweet talk, will go a long with you; you desire to feel like you mean the world to your partner.

Extravagance sways you positively and your romantic life is often filled with drama and excitement of one kind or another. You want your mate to make an impression. There is a tendency to exaggerate your emotions. You are trustworthy, fun, sympathetic, direct, charismatic, and generally appealing, though sometimes you will fall in love with the idea of love rather than the person. You may be idealistic and hold people to higher standards than they are capable of attaining, and therefore can find yourself nursing a wounded heart.

It is more important to evolve your inner self than your physical self; be on the look-out for narcissistic tendencies. You hold a large amount of both mental and physical energy. Always on the go, buzzing from one place to another, engaged in your many interests, sometimes you are involved in more than one activity at the same moment!

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With your lively mentality and curiosity, you require a large amount of stimulation to keep you from getting bored. You seek out new data and love to learn about anything you can get your hands on. It is also of great fun to you to engage yourself in challenging, competitive conversations with others where you can show off your wit and intelligence.

You may find yourself suffering from nervous tensions due to your overly active mind, and it would be beneficial for you to establish some sort of exercise routine to relieve the pressure. You are likely to be animated and expressive, often communicating using your hands. You probably enjoy working with the hands somehow and it is possible that you do not have a dominant hand preference. At times you can become so excited about an opportunity that you will venture forward without thinking things through; try to slow down long enough to obtain a clear picture of the situation before entering into it.

You dislike standing still and may engage yourself in activities that are not necessarily wholesome or beneficial, just for the thrill of having something to do. Exploring distant lands and cultures is enjoyable to you as you can acquire knowledge from each new situation. There is a tendency towards being prone to accidents involving your arms or shoulders, particularly accidents involving excessive heat. Many times these misfortunes could have been prevented had you been more patient rather than rushing to get things done. It would be best for you to stick to shorter assignments as you work well for brief, intense amounts of time but encounter difficulty if you must sustain your energy and interest for extended periods.

Often you will try to multitask, though end up taking on more than you can realistically complete. You dislike routine and require diversity in your projects and in your life in general. You are mentally quick and bright and are interested in playing games or somehow testing your mental agility. Mental competition with others tickles your fancy and you have more stamina for mental activities than you do for the physical sort. On your journey to success, you prefer to utilise your excellent social skills, intellect, quick-wit, astute observations, and ability to articulate yourself.

You have a robust sense of humour that tends towards the dark side. Try to pace yourself as you may throw yourself into things with full concentration, only to find you cannot sustain the energy and are unable to continue; working a bit more slowly and steadily will allow you to better keep your word. Sociable, compassionate, and philosophical, you prefer to enhance your knowledge by utilising your social connections as you are rather popular with others. You are able to inspire people to aspire to higher achievements.

You have a great appreciation towards aesthetically pleasing things and may be interested in justice or artistic pursuits. However, you may need to be mindful for a tendency towards indulging yourself or exerting your energy on too many extravagances, as well as choosing a partner for what they can bring you rather than who they are; love the PERSON, not what their status.

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  4. You may be more interested in showing society that your union is prosperous rather than blissful. You are easy to talk to and know just how to negotiate a situation; your fairness encourages others to have faith in you. Be mindful of your kidneys and the health of your urinary tract as you are prone to having issues with them. The influence of Saturn in this placement hinders the kidneys, enabling the impurities in your system to fester rather than being expelled. Make sure to hydrate yourself as much as possible to counter this issue.

    You will find that you are required to be diplomatic and kind to others, showing acceptance, care and peace when interacting with people.

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    Unfortunately, Saturn in Libra challenges your romantic partnerships in a way that forces you to develop self-control, diligence, and harmonious methods of conflict resolution. You tend to seek out partnerships as they help you to feel safe, though you may commit to a marriage for financial reasons or chose someone who is born in a different generation than yourself. The possibilities in this placement are many; you may pick a partner who is reserved and cool, or someone older than you, or perhaps you marry in your later years as you are unable to meet someone whose values coincide with your own.

    There is a chance that your high standards are unrealistic or too traditional make it difficult for you to find a match. The Houses in astrology are the stage.

    Kundli Matching: Marriage Compatibility Based on Vedic Astrology

    In the home, in health, in the career or in the marriage, to name a few. The Houses tell the story of where the action is happening, what type of people are involved and what sort of environment it is. An industrious worker, dutiful and devoted, you are supportive to your fellow employees. Service seems to be an important theme for you, whether this be others being of service to you or you to them.

    You may acquire an obsession with your health and well-being, expecting others to constantly sympathise with you. It is not uncommon for you to be in a leadership position; however you are just as likely to be a subordinate. Be mindful for the tendency to lord over others when in positions of authority. You always expect that your work will be better than others, though sometimes falsely so. A busy work environment is the best placement for you as you detest wasting time and can easily become disinterested.

    Vasiya Porutham Tamil - வசிய பொருத்தம் என்றால் என்ன - Vasiya Porutham in Astrology

    A perfectionist attitude can create issues with your health as you are prone to tension and anxiety. Stress can be particularly destructive to you and you must find ways to unwind; taking extra care of your physical state is essential with this placement. Try to be mindful of your tendency to become envious or possessive. There is an opportunity to experience premonitions due your strong intuition and heightened emotional energy. Your partnerships, whether they be romantic or business, are likely to provide monetary gain.

    Death or sexuality may be an obsession for you.

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