Compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man

What a Scorpio Man Can Expect

He can expect her to take him places psychologically and sexually that no other woman can.

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

But, like him, a Scorpio female has an explosive personality and can erupt like a volcano when she gets mad. A Scorpio man won't have to put on his happy face, because he can easily charm her with his soul penetrating eyes, as well as his dark and mystical take on life and its emotional intricacies. A Scorpio woman is looking for a soulmate connection and once a Scorpio man catches her eye, he has everything it takes to win her heart. They have a psychic connection that's so powerful little courtship will be necessary.

These two are likely to quickly get down to their favorite form of communication - erotic sex. A Scorpio man and woman are both aggressive, passionate, and generous lovers who will do whatever it takes to please their partners. Their foreplay will be long, edgy, and imaginative, and the act of sex will be a merging of the mind, body, and soul of each. Together, they'll transcend "themselves," enter a state of shared mystical ecstasy, and become one.

When Scorpios fall in love, they fall deep and feel compelled to express and act on their love. A Scorpio man and woman could go from dating to meeting each other's families to walking down the aisle in the blink of an eye. The Gemini man likes to feel freedom and glitters in any social situation. People just love to be with him! In this sense, the Scorpio women will feel like she wants alone time with him and this could be when they do split it is because he is too wild socially.

Compatibility - Gemini Women And Scorpio Man : The Gemini woman can sometimes not tolerate the control of the scorpion man that is the only downside of the relationship. The Gemini woman is not that emotional she normally falls in love with a man who is stable and established. As soon as they meet there is a connection. The scorpion man lures the Gemini woman into a world of mystery.

They are opposites in many different ways, and this makes her want to spend more and more time with him! The problem with this relationship is that her Scorpio man will get rather possessive if he does not know what she is doing. Therefore, if the relationship works the Gemini women needs to understand that she must try to make him trust her. Once trust is lost then there is complete jealousy. You must know that the relationship will survive if there is complete balance in social life. What do the Gemini Women need to know about the Scorpio Man?

It could mean that he will seem to take away her dreams and often threaten to leave the relationship if she does not do as he wishes. The Scorpio man does not like boredom or being tied to a situation.

Scorpio & Scorpio Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

He rather is doing something sitting at home watching television. If you are a Gemini woman and you are focused on your own home Scorpio man may not be the homemaker that you need.

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Love and Relationship Compatibility

Therefore, it might be wise to allow him to have his freedom and don't expect him to do too much around the house. The Scorpio man is super passionate and this may make up for the fact that he's not that great around the house. What can the Scorpio Man do to lure the Gemini women? It is important for the Scorpio man to continue to lure the Gemini woman with his passionate ways and help around the house when he can.

Also, keep the mystery and the relationship together. The two need to be fully appreciated of each other and above all honest.

Yes, I am not denying that in astrology you are opposite but, you can attract each other and form a long-term relationship. Compatibility: Air and water : The Scorpio women have water and Gemini is air I am going to consider this quickly as it is important in regards to your compatibility. Rising to the surface the element water and air create a fizz - bubbles, and passion. In regards to the environment around them, this can affect how much of the fizz occurs. The reason why mention these two elements in this way is the combination of a Gemini and a Scorpio together indicates that these two elements complement each other.

More importantly, the air and water can signal real love. So I am going to conclude to say that this is a good combination but there will be a bumpy road for both of you. The Scorpio women may need someone a little more intense but that is not to say it will not work. Having common ground is important as is being open and honest in the relationship. The most important thing is that this relationship works long term! Hope you liked my article. Skip to main content. Gemini And Scorpio Compatibility Is this a match made in heaven? Superstition Dictionary A-Z Explore.

Superstitions Dictionary Popular superstitions uncovered. Dream Dictionary Over 5, dreams analysed. Tea Leaf Dictionary Learn how to read the symbols in your tea cup. Boys Name Dictionary Detailed overview of your name and what it means. I'm so impressed being so blessed as Scorpio. Everything you said was very true. I heard several times people asking me questions like "which type person you really are?

Scorpio Man And Scorpio Woman: Nature Of Bonding

I am Scorpio woman in love with a Scorpio male. When I met him I had no idea he was taken. After being with him for almost 4 months I found out he had a girlfriend. I had already fallen for him by this time.

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I kept on seeing him after I found out about his girlfriend because I loved him and didn't want to let him go. He said that when he met me that him and his girlfriend was in an on again off again relationship. He said that he never thought he would in love with me and that he has no idea how to let go of either of us. I was wondering if I should stay with him or make the decision for him?

Help please Sexy Scorpio. I was crazy about a Scorpio guy, I am a Scorpio girl. We met in a messed up way. He had a girlfriend, I was friends with his live in cousin. We were chilling, he approached me and just kissed me, like mind blowing. I was 16 and he was 21 and a deputy. We talked on and off for two years, I wanted him and waited We emotionally had been each other's vent and sexually there was SO much chemistry.

While waiting he'd dated others but always trusted in me We met up a few times and drove around and made out and just had a great time. Then all of a sudden he started seeing this girl WAY less attractive than me I'm not saying I was a perfect 10 but she was definitely a 2 and she was in my senior class. I dropped him. He'd call or message I'd blow him off. He makes sure to always say hi when we are in the same area and try my best to just avoid him.

Wtf is up with all of that?! I was in a short term booty call you can call it with a scorpio man and I'm a scorpio female so I can agree with the fact that we stop talking and that lead to us no longer seeing each other. It was fun while it lasted I must say. October 27th is mine and my Scorpio Man's Birthday. He says,"Since it was my Birthday first, I am sharing it with You.

Scorpio vs Scorpio in compatibility is fueled with Passion. Intuitive to what emotions the other is feeling and words don't have to be spoken in order to communicate. Physical Attraction is rewarded with the fact he is someone I am never going to tire of from looking at. We see right through Manipulation and Tactful Ways to give your partner a run around. We are able to step inside each other's pool of negativity with nothing other than a sense of calm and exceptance and understanding.

It feels like home lol when we share negativity with one another. It's different with another Scorpio. It's shared in a reversed way negative things are normally put.

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  • Jokingly putting negativity in a positive version to be laughed at. Reading people is a Talent in Scorpios. So there is a shared interest in seeing people in very much the same view - how they really are. Faces that are masked laughing that is fake people pretending to like when we know they really hate. We share what we don't ever want the other to be like how we don't ever want to be and if he's going to reply to anything I say with a ,"what?

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    • I see he has skated around situations ,avoided conversations,and boughten extra time for saying what? His shell is a hard one to get all the way into but mine is to. The more he trusts me his passion feels deeper and it drowns with intensity. Mystery is intriguing. His teasing personality , he always keeps me craving wanting him more.

      Perhaps our lack of trust is equally the same because I am a quieter sit back and see and he is a vocal come forward and Interagate me type of Scorpio. There are tests and trials and friendly questioning that we comfortably must get out of the way and this in return is nothing more than a long term benefit of what is yet to come in a lasting relationship. If you think that he is the guy and it is not too late, you may as well as tell him what you feel about him :. Hey I m a scorp I cudnt trust hm For 2 years N thn he gts bk on sudden day I hv sn a few things on his fb profile I probably come off way more as a scorp in the emotion dept.

      He is obviously crazy about me but makes no attempt to talk about or further the relationship, or get know me closer. He is probably scared, or waiting for me to ask for it.

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      I refuse to chase any man who does not fully acknowledge how lucky they are to have my attention. I am also taurus rising so very stubborn on this. Such is this dance. I am so close to walking away from it completely. His loss. Afraid if I bring it up to define this relationship, that he is just going to get scared and say he wants nothing serious, even tho his actions scream otherwise.

      Should I walk away or verbalize it? Any insight is appreciated. It doesn't matter because sidereal and vedic says anyone born 3rd decans are scorpio suns. It really is weird how some astrologers will stick to vedic. Am a scorpio Woman and yes i can't be with a weak guy.. Vincent Moore: Rightly said..

      Most times, being a Scorpio has worked against me, especially when it comes to relationships. I think we are just that we can't get into or out of a relationship easily. We are just too deep and want that depth in all our relationships. I am one guy who also attracts Virgo women and Scorpio women but yeah, my relationship with Scorpio women have always ended up in only friendships. I just hope this time, I get my Scorpio "friend" to be my partner. Thanks for voting up and sharing :.

      ImKarn And I wonder what made me think you are a Leo.. But rightly said. Libra and Scorpio in a relationship. I just couldn't imagine probably not even in business.

      Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

      But I do have a very close Libran friend with whom I get along with very well, except for her typical indeciseveness which make s me pull my hair apart :D Thanks for voting up.. I am a Scorpio man and much of how you described US is spot on.

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      I love intensely and agree that I can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I will give my life for the ones I can only count a few on one hand. I have been compatible with Taurus and Virgos and spent 8 yrs together with a Scorpio woman.

      compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man Compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man
      compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man Compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man
      compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man Compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man
      compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man Compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man
      compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man Compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man
      compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man Compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man
      compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man Compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man
      compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man Compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man
      Compatibility with scorpio woman and scorpio man

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