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The sign Leo itself contains all the benefics including Mercury and Jupiter.

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Leo gets unobstructed Argala from Mars in the 2nd house and Saturn in the 11th house. We will not dwell on the malefic hemming of Leo and the Argala being formed by malefics only, as the idea here is to see how clearly the concept of Yogada planet applies and how events can be timed. Chart 1: Rajiv Gandhi: Born August 20, at 8h. Keep in mind this is a chart of a politician a reluctant one at that who nonetheless did become one under tragic circumstances.


His mother. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, was shot dead by her own bodyguards. This unfortunate accident happened on the morning of October 31, He was running Aquarius Dasa which started on August 20, All the Yogada planets are in the 7th house from Aquarius. The Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph Chart 2 was the longest running emperor of Austria and the king of Hungary, as well as the third longest reining monarch of any country in European history, who ruled for 68 years. The concentration of planets in the 12th house will make any one doubt the validity of the horoscope, but remember that he was born in royalty and the birth times of royalties have been well documented.

He became emperor at the very young age of 18 on December 2, His ascent to the thrown took place in Sagitarius which has Jupiter, the Yogada planet, and the Antardasa of Gemini, from where Jupiter is in the 7th. Related Posts. Decoding the Nakshatras September 16, On Pisces Ascendant September 13, September 13, Previous Article Some notes on Jupiter and Venus. This course will give students a very thorough, systematic understanding and strong foundation in all the essential interpretive concepts of Jaimini, as given in Maharishi Jaimini's legendary Upadesha Sutras. The course delivery model consists of a combination of video presentation, extensive written material and online webinars.

Each week students will receive a lesson in the form of a one-hour video presentation, along with written material that fully articulates all the learning points with the example charts used to illustrate these. This will be followed by a live, online webinar each week to further clarify and illustrate the learning, and to provide an opportunity for question and answer. These webinars will be conducted using the video conferencing software, Zoom, and will be recorded for distribution subsequently. Students will also have the option of participating in a closed Facebook group for weekly discussions and exercises aimed at solidifying learning.

There will also be an optional final examination that gives students an opportunity to test their knowledge. At the end of the course all participants will receive a certificate of completion.

View this 15 minute introductory video to learn more about the Jaimini system of Jyotisha. Such a planet influences the physical appearance, intelligence, energy, strengths and weaknesses, and represents the inner soul of the native. In the example horoscope, the planet with highest longitude is Venus 24 degrees 31 minutes.

Karakamsha in Jamini astrology (Career and Destiny) Vedic Astrology Lesson 4

Hence Venus is Atma Karaka. The planet which is having next highest longitude is called Amatya karaka. For example, in the example horoscope, Jupiter will become Amatya karaka. In this way, karaka planets should be found by decreasing longitudes. Please see the following table for better understanding. In deciding the karaka planets, we should not take Rahu and Ketu into consideration. Atma karaka : Rules the inner soul of the native. It influences the physical appearance, form, colour, intelligence, energy, strengths and weaknesses.

Amatya karaka : Rules the wealth, education, career, job, speech, knowledge, spiritual inclination, politics, authority, luck and travels. Brhatru karaka : Influences brothers and sisters, father, servants, skill, death of parents, higher education, foreign travel, profits, wealth and friends.

Putra Karaka: Rules intelligence, education, children, honour in the society, mantra recitation, business in shares or speculation, skill in writing, wealth, loss of job, father. Jnathi Karaka : Rules enemies, diseases, accidents, debts, obstacles, court litigations, maternal relatives, competition, adoption, inheritance, research, imprisonment, foreign relations, spiritual contentment, chronic diseases, and longevity. Dara Karaka : Rules the affairs of spouse, partnerships, foreign travel, foreign trading, reaching the top position, name and fame in the society.

The karaka planets shown in the above table will change from horoscope to horoscope. Apart from these, Jaimini gave constant roles to 4 planets.

Some Important Jamini Concepts to Know | The Art of Vedic Astrology

They are:. In Jaimini astrology a number of different Ascendants or Lagna are involved obviously for a lot of different purposes.

I have found some of these Lagna to be highly useful. The Upapada-Lagna is found by counting as many signs from the 12th-lord as the 12th-lord is removed from the 12th house. This way, if the 12th house falls in Libra and Venus is in Capricorn, the 4th house from the 12th, then Upapada will be in Aries, which is the 4th from Capricorn.

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  4. Upapada works like a kind of relationship-axis. It can be used in cooperation with the normal Ascendant to get a second opinion about elder and younger coborns from the 3rd and 11th house and about children from the 5th and 9th houses. In the same way the 2nd and 7th houses from Upapada can be used profitably in connection to marriage and family Jaimini Astrology. Karakamsa Lagna represents a special point that provides important information regarding the future of the person. To find out the Karakamsa Lagna, we should draw the Navamsa D-9 chart first.

    In this chart, find out the sign where Atma karaka planet is located. That sign in the natal chart will become the Karakamsa Lagna. In the example horoscope, Atma karaka is Venus who is in the sign Leo in Navamsa chart this chart is not shown. Hence, in the natal chart, Leo will become Karakamsa Lagna. Karakamsa Lagna and the planets posited in the Karakamsa Lagna will provide a lot of information about the life the person. For example, when Leo becomes the Karakamsa Lagna, the person will have trouble from dogs or wild animals.

    He would like to spend time in hills, meditation rooms, and focuses mainly on power and authority. There are chances that he may fall from high place or position. We know that there are 12 bhavas cusps starting from Ascendant, 2nd bhava, 3rd bhava, 12th bhava. Bhava Arudham represents a special point that is calculated for each of these 12 bhavas. Bhava Arudham influences the ability of the native in different departments of life.

    Bhava Arudham gives a picture regarding the status of the native in the eyes of the society. Bhava Arudham should be calculated as follows: count the number of signs from bhava to the lord of that bhava. Then count those many signs from the bhava lord position. In the example horoscope, let us calculate Bhava Arudham for the Ascendant. The Ascendant is Cancer. Its lord is Moon which is posited in the same sign. Counting from Cancer to the position of Moon i. Cancer , we got 1. Now start counting 1 from the Cancer.

    It means Cancer will be counted as 1. Hence Cancer will be the Bhava Arudham for the Ascendant. Similarly we should calculate Bhava Arudham for 2nd bhava. This bhava is Leo whose lord Sun is in Aries.

    Jaimini Yogada for Timing Success – Part A

    Counting from Leo to Aries, we will have 9. Count 9 signs from Aries and we get Sagittarius. In this way, we will have 12 padams starting from Ascendant till 12th bhava. Lagna Arudhaa or Lagna padam, 2. Dhana Arudhaa or Dhana padam, 3. Vikramaarudha or Bhratru padam, 4. Vaahanarudha or Matru padam, 5. Mantraarudha or Mantra padam or putra padam, 6. Rogaarudha or roga padam or satru padam, 7. Daararudha or daara padam, 8. Ashtamaarudha or Ayur padam, 9. Bhagyaarudha or Bhagya padam, Rajyarudha or Rajya padam, Laabharudha or Laabha padam, The Lagna Arudham for the example horoscope is Cancer.

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