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What about marriage, relationships, and children?

The Zi Wei chart reveals information about all of these things and, ultimately, can be used as a wisdom system that consistently guides you back to true self. Zi Wei also helps you time important events with methods that reveal your good and bad luck cycles over months, years, and even decades.

Imperial Astrologer

An initial Zi Wei Dou Shu reading takes about an hour, and is done in a live on line meeting via Zoom. This first consultation is called a Lifetime Chart, and covers major themes that help you gain clarity about your life purpose, appropriate work, and pathways that promote balance and longevity.

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Further consultations can be scheduled to look at annual and ten-year cycles, or to explore more details about specific questions. PAYMENT: You can make a payment using paypal you do not need a paypal account , or if you live in the Santa Cruz area and we are able to meet in person, I can take payment at the time of our session.

A Divinatory Record

Skip to content. The Qi that surrounds you as you take your first breath is your destiny Ba Zi. It is a microcosm of the universes' energy at that particular time.

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Each character element and sign in your birth chart carries with it a frequency or unique energy pattern, and the combination of these form a certain synergy. This dynamic making up your birth chart is what forms the sum and substance of your astrological signature.

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The birth chart is a blueprint or map of your karma and life, and can be used to advise you accordingly in order to balance the flows of life and find harmony. In Chinese metaphysics - Feng Shui, Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Ba Zi - when we talk about the seasons and five elements, we are talking about universal energy and natural law, both tangible and intangible. With the help of the Ba Zi chart, we can examine and analyze our inherent strengths and weaknesses, and set our life along the most smooth, balanced and enriching path.

However life is not all pre-determined.

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  • Chinese Astrology (Zi Wei Dou Shu).
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chinese astrology tzu wei Chinese astrology tzu wei
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chinese astrology tzu wei Chinese astrology tzu wei

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